Boring n Stress
Sunday, March 4, 2012 | 3:11 AM | 0 comments
Honestly..within 3 days i didn't touch any books.Friday i went to addmath class but seriously i out of focus.I don't know why.Last Thursday..i absent coz i can't afford to wake up from my lovely bed. ^_^ Or in other words "I am lazy to go to school!".Haha..Only miss one day i have to catch up many sub topics.Thursday schedule very packed!Exams are starting tomorrw but i didn't do any preparation.See,how sad i am right?I was a bit nervous coz the principal will checks our marks.I am very sure and confident that principal will call who didn't achieve the target especially who from science class.So that,i must study hard! head...sudden dizziness..(Ya i know...the old tactic right?Haha.)SO.....BUBYE..
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